Tattoo Artist in Airdrie Alberta Yvon_ink

Yvonne Koprnicky

Founder of Sundog Studios

Yvonne @Yvon_ink was born and raised in Airdrie, Alberta. She graduated with a Bachelor’s of Design at Alberta College of Art and Design in 2012, and is the recipient of various Visual Arts awards. She also attended the University of Lethbridge for New Media and Design, Edinburgh College of Art for a semester exchange program, and The University of Calgary for their Masters program in Landscape Architecture.

She began her tattoo career in 2013, and in 2024 opened Sundog Studios!

Yvonne's work focuses on black and grey realism, and ornate floral styles. She often mixes styles to create an original piece of art that has both a unique feel, and a natural flow on the body.

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Tattoo Artist in Airdrie Alberta tattooing at Sundog Studios

Elise Lamoureux

Elise, lamour.tattoos has been tattooing since 2019 and has been on her tattoo journey in Alberta since 2021! 

Growing up in Northern BC, she started making art at a young age and found her passion bringing designs to life on skin. 

Elise’s favourite styles include illustrative blackwork, colour and Neo-traditional. She especially loves creating floral pieces, nature-themes, lady faces, mandalas and geometric art, skulls, horror and occult themes and birds! 

She strives herself on creating a professional environment that is non-judgmental, where her clients can feel safe no matter their gender or body type! She is now taking bookings and welcomes small or large scale tattoos. 

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Tattoo Artist in Airdrie Alberta tattooing at Sundog Studios


Dom, @Modernmarkingstattoo was born in Quebec and developed a passion for art at an early age, with a love for drawing and painting.

  After making the jump to Airdrie in 2009, he started tattooing full-time in 2016. A machinist originally by trade, he has an exemplary eye for details and pays great attention to all the things that make your tattoo go from great to amazing! 

Dom’s style hovers between black and grey realism and Neotraditional, and he especially loves tattooing bright colours and bold lines. Dom is passionate about pushing his imagination within his artwork, and working with clients to create one of a kind designs. 

He’s always interested in learning and growing as an artist, and strives to offer a comfortable session with no judgement on race, religion or sexual orientation. 

Dom is an avid horror movie collector, and a proud father of 2 kids. When he’s not tattooing, you can catch him on the back roads on his motorcycle, or in a hiking trail in the mountains! He is now accepting new clients via his website

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Tattoo Artist in Airdrie Alberta tattooing at Sundog Studios


Mahala aka Lala, was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. Mahala moved to Airdrie in late 2017 while working as a freelance makeup artist. 

  Her passion for the arts brought her to working at a tattoo studio as a receptionist in 2017. In 2020 Mahala began tattooing and enthusiastically dove into trying out all styles of tattooing. She is a well versed artist in many styles including florals, vintage/ornate tattoos, fine line, neo-traditional and realism. 

  Mahala is open to walk-ins upon request via email at

Her current schedule is Tuesday-Saturday for flash or custom design work. Please send in an appointment request to check availability!

“Thank you to all of my amazing returning clientele for all of your support through the years, as well as any of my future clients!!! 

Xo Lala

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Tattoo Artist in Airdrie Alberta tattooing at Sundog Studios


Channy @chanterelleink has been an artist in the tattooing industry since 2015.

A Newfoundland native, she spent the first seven years of her life captivated by nature's beauty and the enchanting microcosms of creatures and bugs. Fond childhood memories involve watching and drawing comic book heroes, fishing with her dad, picking bugs in the rain for bare, exploring the forest trails surrounding her home and enjoying scary movies and cartoons with her older brother. 

Throughout her tattooing journey, Channy has explored diverse styles but finds inspiration primarily in realism, surrealism, neotrad, and art nouveau. Her art reflects a unique perspective on nature's micro world, featuring forest animals and woodland entities. She also enjoys tattooing female faces and eyes, creating a distinct and meaningful form of artistic expression through the captivating exploration of intricate details and emotional expressions. 

Dedicated to providing a welcoming, comfortable, and safe environment, Channy prioritizes the well-being of her clients. 

For inquiries or questions, feel free to send a message at or complete a drawing request form on the Sundog Studios website. She looks forward to creating with you! 

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